Friday, July 1, 2011

a bed for lucy

We recently got a puppy named Lucy. She's super cute and very smart so it's made training pretty easy ;)We've been kenneling her at night, which is working really well...she seems to really like it...and in the kennel I put some blankets. The blanket however wasn't the right shape for the kennel and no matter which way I folded just didn't fit right, and I'm too cheap to actually buy a dog pillow:)

So today I took it out and cut it up:)
The blanket was an old fleece tie blanket that had seen better days. I cut the shape I wanted and sewed around three of the edges. On the third side I left the knots. I left the knots so I could get in and out without a zipper.

 Although blurry you can see that I undid about five ties to turn the blanket inside-out so the seams would be inside...kinda like a pillow.
The leftover blanket was the right size so that if I sewed it together it would fit into the inside, kinda like a lining. Lucy gets really hot and loves to tear up pillows so I thought better of putting batting or fill in the inside.

And this is the finished project:
Not a very clear picture as someone...ahem...wouldn't get off of it. I even moved it to another room to take a picture and she followed me and laid down.

At least she's cute right?

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