Friday, July 15, 2011

sweet deals and a sewing room

I recently have found some great deals at some garage sales and thrift stores...what can I say I do love a good deal! Above is a picture of the multiple cotton skiens of yarn I got at a garage sale fore .50 cents a about a steal, at the store they are at least 2 bucks, even on sale! I use them to make dishrags.

The above fabrics are the groovy prints I found at the thrifts store. Our thrift store has it's own section just for's fantastic! A lot of them are retroish and I can't wait to start using them...but I have a lot of projects I still have to finish. Does that sound familiar to anybody? :)

As I've stated before, we just moved into a new house...and I get a whole room for all of my crafting and sewing stuff (yay!). However, until today, this is what my sewing room looked like...messy, unorganized and not functioning very well.

This is the sewing room post clean-up. So much better don't you think? Eventually I want to paint it a bright, funky color...but for now I'll deal with the peach walls.

I even hung stuff on the walls! This is progress...let me tell you! It also included unpacking a few more boxes, which makes me happy.

I organized the drawers of the dresser I revamped to hold all my fabric.
Red, Orange, Yellow

Green, Blue, Purple

 Brown, Pink, White
I think overall the dresser is working out nicely to hold my's not in a great big tub anymore, that would get messy in 2 seconds flat.

I also made some little bags...not very exciting, but nevertheless, they were made by me today:) The bags are made out of some vinyly material I found in my stash, and some ribbon that I just got at a garage sale. What are the bags for? To hold treats for Lucy at the dog park! We've been using plastic bags, but they get thrown out and it seems wastefull to me. The vinyly material allows for quick wipes and doesn't stay wet long...perfect solution in my book!

I know my husband will love carrying around something with pink on it...not really but Lucy is a girl and girls love pink:)



  1. Oh how I wish I could have a room all to myself for my sewing and crafting!!! Hmmmm....

  2. WOW!!
    but I did think there would be at least one PIG somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!


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