Monday, May 7, 2012

a good nights rest and a Link UP!

Hey you guys!!!
We've had some gorgeous weather around these parts lately. How about you?
This past weekend was a weekend of finishing or getting some projects on my list done.
A while back I went and picked up some pallets to make a platform bed. I've seen some really cool ones on the web, and decided since pallets in these parts are free and frequent the craigslist free section that I would give it a go.
I originally wanted to do two layers of pallets, but the place we got them from had already been picked over, or they were pretty trashy. Nathania and I picked out 4 of the nice ones and brought them to my garage.
Then I got sick...stupid spring cold how I loathe they sat in my parking spot in the garage for two weeks. Until this weekend when I decided to do something.
I brought the pallets in and arranged them and realized that 4 together would be too much...measuring is not a skill I have yet I figured out that I would only need 2 and then to cut the 3rd one in half. By hand...did I mention we need a electrical saw...?
Once everything was cut...I put them in the place I wanted  and place the box spring and mattress on top.
Now the box spring was pretty ugly. Still functional, but UGLY...I had been looking at Value Village for a bed skirt but they wanted 14 dollars for one...too much for this dutch girl. So I looked in our linen closet and found a old sheet that had no elastic left in it and stretched it around the box spring.
 I think it covers up the box spring very nicely and I like the white on the bottom.
The linens and nightstand were all things we already had. As well as the picture and just finally got put up! I think this was a very good example of Making DO!

Now it's your turn!

Link up anything you're finally crossing off your list!
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