Friday, March 7, 2014

Run away with late submission for challenge #6

I love to run races but what do you do with all those medals and bibs that you just can't bear to get rid of because of the accomplishment they signify?  Make a running medal and bib board is what you do!!  I can't remember where I first saw this idea but you can find lots of examples on Pinterest.

I decided to make one for my friend Tamsin's very belated Christmas present. It is on the larger size as I wanted to add a cool saying and when I found one on the Union Jack I knew it was perfect as she is a Brit!

I picked up a board and square hooks at Home Depot and after my awesome husband cut it down to size I got started. I sanded it down primed it and then applied 2 coats of chalkboard paint that I had in my paint collection. I used chalkboard paint so she could record her PR's (personal records) for her races and also as motivation to keep training write down when her next race was. I used a gold metallic Sharpie to write PR and Next race on the board.  I modgepodged the saying down making sure not to put too much on so it wouldn't squeeze out the edges and dried it upside down so there wouldn't be any wrinkles.  Using an old bib I measured where to place the hooks for the bibs and then spaced the hooks for the medals about 2 inches apart.  The square hooks have screws on the end so I predrilled the holes and screwed all of them in by hand. Simple!  I love how it turned out and my friend really loved her very belated Christmas present!!!

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