Wednesday, January 16, 2013


For Christmas, Nathania wanted to take a cake decorating I signed her up and asked my mom to get her the kit that was required to take the class. Come Christmas, I opened up my own kit, with my mom saying "Happy Birthday--I'll pay for the class"

 So the past two Tuesdays we have been taking a cake decorating class at Michael's. This week we frosted and decorated our cakes, whereas last week we just watched. Part of decorating the cake was to bring in a image you wanted on the cake. Nathania picked a howling wolf, and I picked a crazy squirrel!!

I picked the squirrel, because Andy's birthday was last week and he loves squirrels--I looked for one on skis but couldn't find the image:) So I picked a squirrel I liked. Isn't it happy?
Andy had a rough day at work and got a huge grin on his face when he saw it....winner!

Here is Nathania's cake...which...well...
Do you think it looks like a wolf?
I think we came to the consensus that is looked more like a ill cow or a caribou without antlers...but not a wolf. The coloring of the frosting could have been better. But we were lazy and didn't want to mix too many colors.

Now, I'm pretty sure that our instructor thinks we're both a little crazy...we were the only ones who did things a little out of the ordinary. Two people in our class did snowflakes, some flowers...etc which are fine, but not our style.

Nathania did much better than I did on the side of the maybe next time we just need to combine the two:)
Also, in the end, the cakes were tasty...which really is more important!

Have you decorated anything lately? Anybody else taken the cake decorating class at Michael's?

Happy Frosting!

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