Monday, January 7, 2013

Casserole cozies

About three weeks before Christmas, I received an email from a coworker asking me to make her some casserole cozies for Christmas (I had made one previously for another coworkers wedding shower). She wanted three of them.
I agreed.
2 days later I received an email from a friend of Nathania's asking me to make a casserole cozy for her as well. 
How crazy is that? I randomly make one last spring and get request for 4 in less than a week.

Well of course I agreed to that too.
My coworker wanted three, one for her, her mom and sister in law.
We changed the pattern up and created a pattern that when it is open it looks like a "X".
Did I get a picture of the insides? No, cause I'm terrible at taking pictures....Nathania may have one on her camera, and if so I will update. The above is the one we made for my coworkers sister in law.

Now, when I say "we" I mean, Nathania and I coerced our mom into helping! It didn't take much:)
(thanks mom!)
The blue and grey was for my coworker and the one with blue straps for her mom. We made the straps for the grey one, because we couldn't find any strapping we liked.
We made the third one for Nathania's friend.

Overall everyone liked them! So it was a success!
We're thinking of putting some in our Etsy shop....what do you think?

Happy Crafting!


  1. Nice job!
    I love the beige floral material! Do you have a yard of it to send me, or do you know where you got it?

    1. It's from Joanns. I can go and get some if you want.

    2. Is it good material for covering a chair or will it wear through in two months?

    3. It's quilters cotton--on the thicker side. So I'm guessing it would wear more quickly than upholstery fabric.

    4. Thanks anyways..... I do have fabric already, but fell in love with the print of yours! :o)

  2. I forgot you made these! I'd buy them!


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