Thursday, January 31, 2013

Everyone likes cake!

Last night was our last cake decorating class and we had to come in with an iced cake, preferably smooth and a plan to decorate it.  My first choice of cake (from scratch) was taste tested by Aria when I unwisely turned my back on her while I was icing left over cupcakes.  She apparently is tall enough to reach things on the counter :0! I was too busy laughing to be mad. Her look when I caught her was priceless and she did go straight to wipe her hands on the towel after I stopped her little snack attack on my cake!!  I then had to make do with a box cake but such is life!

   We both managed to bring in slightly smoothed iced cakes but no concrete plans and late as usual!!  We were always the last to arrive and we never had all our stuff ready but we had a lot of fun and we learned some new decorating skills! :) It was a fun class to take.

   Here are our final cakes.  I decided on this slightly odd fish. It was fun and I think it turned out pretty cute. I have to say I am glad that the class is done as I don't want to make or eat frosting for awhile!!

Sarah's octopus!!  I love it, it's so her. She free handed it and it turned out awesome!!
 A close up of my fish. Sarah said I need to work on my star work....she may be right. I may have gotten a tad lazy after the first couple of rows!!


1 comment:

  1. Love them both!
    Are you going to take class number two?
    I also looked at your 'from scratch' recipe...that must have tasted soooo good!
    Did you take a picture of the munchkin sampling the cake?


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