Monday, January 28, 2013

Headboard, that I made myself:)

Andy has been complaining for about 6 months that we needed a headboard, because his pillows kept falling down between the bed and the wall. He looked on craigslist and showed me about 10 different ones...and I didn't like any of them. Nathania and I had been wanting to make upholstered headboards, but Andy wasn't too sure about it, so we made a simple wood one. I got the idea out of the book by the fantastic duo over at YoungHouseLove.

We bought 10 foot boards from Home Depot, and had them cut them in half. Queen size beds are 5 ft across, so it worked out perfectly. Instead of getting regular boards, we used the boards that linked together like a tongue and groove.

While at Home Depot, we picked up some stain (Minwax Red Mahogany), and we set things up in the garage to stain. We were going through a nice little warm up (40s)that melted ALL the snow --boo!--so I was able to do the staining with the garage door open. As I sit here writing this, it's -10 outside which is much more normal for January in Anchorage.  We had to let the stain dry extra long because of the're not really supposed to stain at temperatures below 50. We also bought a 2x4 and cut that in half--I think it was a 12 footer.
We screwed the boards into the 2x4s and then drilled holes into the base and bolted them to the metal bed frame. We used the 7 of the 8 boards we had from the store.
The boards, hardware and stain was about $40 total.
Cheaper than anything we found on craigslist!

We really like the result. We have to move the pictures either up or possible up to the middle and put them together.  Thats what my friend Krista suggested...and then maybe getting new bedside lights, that are taller. 
What do you think?

Happy DIYing!

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  1. Nice job with what you had, and that is what being frugal is all about.

  2. Very nice headboard! I think it's a good idea to put the pics up above the headboard together.

    1. I think thats where I'm to find some taller side table lamps:)

    2. FYI, if you're willing to wait it out and check frequently, Freddie's usually ends up with some awesome stuff on clearance. I got my bedside lamps for less than $20 (BOTH of them!). I think there are some clearance shades at Target right now too. :o)

    3. Thanks...I don't mind waiting...frugal/cheap is the name of the game:0)


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