Friday, January 18, 2013

Too hot to touch

My sister may have a fabric problem but it comes in handy when I need fabric and the stores are closed!!!  Way cheaper too :-)!  Over Christmas our mom helped her clean up her craft room and challenged her to not buy fabric for a year and sent her this link here with ideas to use up her fabric. It has some really cute ideas like the fingertip pot holders.

I had given one of the casserole cosy's we made to my friend Lisa for Christmas and thought it would be cute to make matching potholders.  I had just the right amount of leftover fabric and insul bright to make 2 of the fingertip pot holders.  I was too lazy to actually print out her template so my corners didn't end up as rounded as hers so I had some issues with my corners when putting the binding on but overall they turned out pretty good.  Just don't look too closely to the back! I definately need to work on my binding skills!! But I just found out that I can buy a binding foot for my sewing machine!!  I have to get one!!!!

Happy Sewing!


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