Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A little Valentine Day love

I love to do crafts with my daughter and in honor of Valentines Day I decided we needed to make a new bunting for over our fireplace.  I dug through my stash and collected my supplies - paint, cardboard, scissors, paint brushes, foam and a burlap bag and set to work.  I made 4 cardboard stencils - 2 hearts and 2 x's and 8 burlap squares.   I taped Aria's burlap to the stencil so it wouldn't move and she had a blast mixing red and white while painting her hearts.

 I love how serious she gets when she paints!!
 She managed 2 hearts and 1 X before loosing interest but for a 3yr old I thought that was pretty good!  I was going to hot glue or sew them onto bias tape or thick twine but after I hung them up to dry with clothes pins on some thin twine that was already hanging on the fireplace I decided they looked good just like that!

 Aria and I also made some sticker Valentines to hand out using Life in the Green House 's tutorial and free pdf. I liked making non-candy Valentines to hand out and Aria had fun picking out all the stickers, deciding which ones to put in the bags for her friends and stapling them all shut!! 

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

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