Thursday, February 6, 2014

Anyone else accepting the challenge?

These ladies are!
For our first challenge, our Mom decided to join us. Her creation of a purple robe, could have been used for both the first and second challenges.
If you wanna see more details about how she made the robe go and check it out here!
We don't blame her for not doing the last couple challenges as she was enjoying the warmer weather of Phoenix...but hopefully she will join us on our next couple of challenges!
The lady who takes the cake though is Jeni from Life on Our Side of the Street. She has been with us, meeting every challenge we have posted!
Challenge # 1--Cute little apron for her kitchen helper:)
Check out this sweet ammo case she has in her bathroom...if you could see my face it would be an envious one:)
My favorite project she's done...check out her cute Anthropologie inspired sweater re-make!
It's cold where Jeni lives...legit challenge for her snowy winter wonderland last week...also this was one of three projects she made!
Way to go ladies! We love see what you've come up with.
Our complete Challenge 2014 can be seen here:
Week 1--DeStash the Stash
Week 2--Bathroom
So now the real question is....
Who is going join us?
This next weeks challenge is: 
Project Finish: Look at the pile of stuff you've attempted to make and then gave up...or is that just me who starts a ton of projects, but hates finishing them? You've bought the materials and I'm guessing the project is over half done. So the challenge this week is to actually finish it. You can thank me later.

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