Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Challenge #2 Bathroom...say what?

Who loves computers? I'm pretty sure Nathania and I would not be on that boat today....we just deleted today's post with a flick of a button....silly blogger.

This weeks challenge was to re-use something from the bathroom to create a project OR to re-use something to make something for the bathroom.

I bet when you read that you thought I was crazy. Not crazy...just thinking outside the box:)

My project this week was to make something for the bathroom using something recycled for the bathroom. Yup you read that right, I did both parts of the challenge! Woah!
Now to the project, I have three bathrooms in my house, which all need to be decorated. Being the cheap girl I am this has taken awhile. In our hallway bathroom I have a brown rug with a gray, black and white shower curtain. Match? Not so much so this week I made a rug that goes well with the curtain.

I used a old shower curtain as the base for the rug, and found a black and grey sweater from the stash to make the ovals. I then hot glued the ovals on the base.

I was running out of glue so I didn't glue the entire oval down...which I may go back and do, because when it's stepped on the ovals can flip up revealing the bright green base.

Overall I like the look! How about you?

Oh and I also framed some prints from a local artist and put them up...they look great in there!


Nathania here...
I made a hairclip holder for Aria to use in the bathroom.
I had a wooden plaque in the stash as well as the scrapbook paper--which is vastly unused and I have a plethora of. That including a bottle of modge-podge, I was good to go.

 I first modge-podged the paper to the wood and scraped it with a straight edge to get all the bubbles out. Then it was flipped paper side down to dry over night with a weight on top to make sure it dried flat, cause in the past it has turned out nice and flat:) The next day I took some sand paper and removed the excess paper off--this makes it smooth on the edges. To finish the hairclip holder off I used some bias tape that Sarah had in her stash that was attached with some thumbtacks on the back. Pretty easy project that will hopefully keep the pins I find all over the house organized!

Next weeks challenge:
 Wardrobe: Go look in your closet, find something you don't wear, is stained, doesn't fit, out of style and remake it or use the material to make something. Take a before picture of the garment and then what you've done to refurbish it. For this project, the old wardrobe garment should make up approximately 50-75% of the project.
Remember that we would love to see what you're doing! Leave a link in the comments!

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  1. Love them both! I will do both of them for our home - I need a new rug in front of our fire place and I'm going to try my hand at reusing an old sweater for it. I also need countless ways to sort and store all the hair accessories for Little Miss. Can't wait!!

    Looking forward to week three - for you and me! :)


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