Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Challange revamp

This was this weeks challenge:
Wardrobe: Go look in your closet, find something you don't wear, is stained, doesn't fit, out of style and remake it or use the material to make something. Take a before picture of the garment and then what you've done to refurbish it. For this project, the old wardrobe garment should make up approximately 50-75% of the project.

Challenge #3 - So for this challenge I had many options to choose from but decided to go with a very quick fix that wouldn't require extreme measuring or sewing! I grabbed a pj top Aria had just received for Christmas that was ridiculously small for a 4T!! She's 3 and not crazy tall so the pants were a little big and long but the top was tight and a belly shirt!! Tell me who sizes toddler clothes??!! She wore it once but was not into showing off her belly...I hope this preference lasts a long time!! :-)

 The top is made out of fleece so I grabbed some purple fleece I had in my stash and started off by opening up the arm and side seams. Then I cut the purple fleece into strips for the arms and sides, sewed them together and inserted them to make the top bigger. To lengthen the top I simply made a purple fleece band and attached it to the hem and I was done!  I love that it only took me 20mins and while it may not win any awards for precision sewing my daughter is thrilled with the results!

Happy Sewing!

For this weeks challenge, I tried two different with success, the other well it's okay.

I have this sweater that I've had for years. I think like 5...I really like it, it is cozy and actually fits my long arms. The only problem was that it was getting dingy and the cuffs had some stains.
So what did I do? I busted out the teal dye.  I used plain old RIT dye, which I've use multiple other times with success.

I soaked it for about 50 minutes. But being acrylic, I knew that it wouldn't pick up the dye that darkly. That's why it soaked so long. If you're not sure what to do when trying to dye things...look on the box. They have great directions.

(Quality Iphone pic)
After is was washed and dried this was the outcome. What you can't see in the picture is that the dye was not distributed evenly. I'm thinking its because of the age of the sweater...but I dunno. It's kind of a mottled look. Not sure if I like it but, I'll probably wear it:)

My second project was to use this old t-shirt. I really like the color of this t-shirt but it had one too many holes. So I cut the back of it off and made my very own buff.

What is a buff? Its a knit fabric tube that you wear in the winter to cover your face, or use as a headband, etc. Its super versatile. I have one, but when living in Alaska in a normal winter--not this winter as we've had 30-40 degree weather for the past 2-3 weeks, and all our snow is!--it's good to have more than one buff!

Super easy project but I love the outcome! Don't mind my terrible pictures but I'm pretty excited about using it! And what's even better? It was free...didn't cost a thing.
That does my Dutch heritage proud!


Now...its your turn! Tell us in the comments what you're up to or leave a picture on our facebook page! We always love to see others projects.

Next weeks Challenge:

 Winter: Make something for winter out of recycled/refurbished materials. It could be something to keep you or your house warm. Is the house drafty? Think of a cool way to block the draft. Need a scarf? Make one. Like those cute boot cuffs everyone has...totally doable.

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