Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Challenge #1 - Destash the stash

I love Sarah's challenges for 2014!  Some will be more challenging than others, like the upcoming bathroom one, I have no idea what to do but making something from my stash, easy...it is a large stash with many options. The half finished project will also be easy as I have far too many to choose from and while I don't get as bored with projects like Sarah, I do have a more finite amount of time available with a rambuntious 3yr old running around wanting to "HELP" me in all things! :)

For my first challenge I decided to add finishing up a project to making one from the stash. I have an unusually large collection of onesies that never made it out of the planning phase for baby gifts.  One of my plans had been to make a set of onesies for 2 baby girls numbered 1-12 so pictures could be taken every month for the first year and I got as far as collecting some cute fabric for the numbers and fusible webbing. I made it further on my onesie necktie project but lost steam when Christmas Bazaar season came around. I had seven fused necktie onesies that only required some final sewing so I quickly finished those and got started on my actual stash project. I grabbed 3 of my girlie onesies some coordinating fabrics, my fusible webbing and an owl image I found online and went to town making some cute little owls. I think they turned out really cute! However sewing in a circle is decidedly harder than straight necktie lines!! :-) So please don't look too closely at my owls eyes!

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