Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The upcycle.recycle.reuse.refurbish.repurpose....challange.

I am going to be challenging myself over the next couple of weeks to pull off some projects that have been in my mind, but are definitely not getting done.  I have so much material, fabric, paint and projects on the back burners that I need to change something and do something about it!  I have at least 10 on my list and if all goes well...that list will grow and we will continue the challenge. 

The list is currently:

1. De-Stashing. I collect fabric, yarn, buttons, etc....and I have a room full of them. So this week the challenge is to use something from the stash. NO buying of new materials. EVERYTHING--100% that goes into the project has to come from stuff in your hoard. No buying of new stuff. We're challenging you to actually use the pretty cotton or the soft wool that you have in your drawers.
This is next weeks challenge(and I'm giving you an extra day)...ready...go!

2. Bathroom: Find something in the bathroom to repurpose into something else OR make something you've been wanting to make for the bathroom. Use at lease 50% recycled/hoarded materials.

3. Wardrobe: Go look in your closet, find something you don't wear, is stained, doesn't fit, out of style and remake it or use the material to make something. Take a before picture of the garment and then what you've done to refurbish it. For this project, the old wardrobe garment should make up approximately 50-75% of the project.

4. Winter: Make something for winter out of recycled/refurbished materials. It could be something to keep you or your house warm. Is the house drafty? Think of a cool way to block the draft. Need a scarf? Make one. Like those cute boot cuffs everyone has...totally doable.

5. Project Finish: Look at the pile of stuff you've attempted to make and then gave up...or is that just me who starts a ton of projects, but hates finishing them? You've bought the materials and I'm guessing the project is over half done. So the challenge this week is to actually finish it. You can thank me later.

6. Lumber, sticks, wood: Make something out of a tree. Play with some stain. Go get some free pallets and finally make one of the hundred pallet projects you've pinned. Go to the forest and find some sticks...if the snow has melted...make something pretty.

7. Garage or Shed: Go look in your garage or shed. Find something that needs to be fixed, remade into something pretty, finally make that raised bed for the spring. Declutter some of the husbands stash of nails, pretty wire or zipties. Use some power tools.  Try to use 50% of what is found in your garage in the project.

8. Linen: Mismatched sheets, pillowcases, old towels. Can you repurpose any of it before you throw it out? Betcha you can. I dare you.

9. Food, Glorious, Food! This is for the Food Network Junky who loves "Chopped" Wait until you have to go to the grocery store...and then challenge yourself to make a new and creative dish from the pantry/freezer. Incorporate the leftovers that need to be eaten and create a new meal. You are not allowed to go to the store for this challenge. 

10. Paint: We all have extra paint in the garage/shed from past projects. So what can you make with it? You may use other materials but all paint in the project must have been bought for something else.

So for you crazy cats out there who are willing to join me here are the details:
Every Wednesday I will post what I made for the week, and the challenge for next week--yes I know I listed them already, but this way you can work ahead or if you're like me you'll need a reminder :)  I will be posting success with fails, because like everyone else out there I have my share of failures in my attempts to make something...lets be real people...not all the projects are pin-worthy, house-worthy, and often are trash-can worthy. 

I would love, love, love to have people link up, but have tried that in the past and it didn't work. So if you're in the mood to join in this venture, leave a link in the comments! If you don't have a blog...put a picture on our Facebook page with a description of what you made. I would love to see what you've made. If we have good participation I will definitely do a link up. 




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