Friday, January 24, 2014

Walk in the woods

So while you all down there in the lower forty-eight are freezing, we in Alaska are having a really depressing winter. Why? Because you took all our snow!

The last two weeks have consisted of 30-40 degree weather with Chinooks blowing through. Boo. That means all our lovely snow is melting into ice and we've had rain for the past two weeks. Ugh.

We have to laugh up here when people are complaining of the snow and cold...cause we would welcome it with open arms. We like our skiing in these parts.

Not wanting to be cooped up, and having a rambunctious dog that gets into mischief when she hasn't been outside, I have been taking walks in the woods nearby.

Even with the icky snow/ice its still very pretty.

The trail I like to take is often traveled by the moose. The slushy snow made for great tracks to be made all up and down the trail. I was just glad I didn't run into them while on the trail!

Highbush cranberries.

Lots of sticks on the good for skiing, but very good for a project I have in mind.

Anyone want to send the snow back? That would be great!
Stay Warm!

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