Thursday, January 30, 2014

another project completed

 As I mentioned before I have a plethora of onesies from a baby shower gift that never made it past the planning stage. They are cute as is but it's fun to spruce them up a bit and after seeing lots of ruffled onesies on Pinterest I decided to make a few myself.   Once again I had all the supplies on hand so it didn't take long to finish.

 I made one with ruffles on the bum which I think is pretty cute....
 not too sure about the purple one though...but it's always fun to mess around and try something new.   To be honest I like my owl onesies (in previous destash post) better. What do you think?

 I also quickly finished sewing a previously heat bonded heart onto another onesie while I was at it. It's great to tick off yet another project on my very, very long to do/finish list!

Happy Sewing

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