Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Challenge number 6....lumber and wood

Not gonna lie friends...I'm in Hawaii. But in an amazing feat of motivation I actually made something ahead of time and had time to blog about it. What?! I know pretty dang amazing. What else will be amazing is that this blog post won't get deleted if Nathania posts as well. Blogger doesn't like us sometimes and Nathania's computer has been known a time or two to erase entire posts...

But enough about the dysfunction of computers and blogger....

Onto the project. This week we challenged you to use lumber and wood. So I went out and picked up sticks. We had a huge wind storm that came through so I just went out on the ski trails and picked up some sticks. Good for my project and helps the skiers out too!

I'm pretty sure that all the sticks were birch...but I'm not known for my stick identification skills.
I brought them home...well they sat in the back of my car for a while, were chewed on by a fluffy black dog, and then finally brought in when I was motivated enough to actually do the project!

I had this great circle frame that I had taken off of a clock that no longer worked, grabbed some yarn and gorilla glue.
I put some glue on the frame and then some sticks and then clamped it down with the yarn. I the progressively worked my way around, with all of the sticks going in one direction.

Now I've never used gorilla glue before, and I only used it because I ran out of hot glue sticks. It was not my finest moment. Like Nathania on her project last week, the gorilla glue expanded and then looked weird. So I have some weird spots that need to be covered up with some more sticks...or a flower or something....I can't decide.

In spite of the gorilla glue looking weird in some spots, I really do like the outcome. Where it will go in the house is yet to be determined.

What did you do for your challenge this week?


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