Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Challenge # 5 - finishing things up...finally

This weeks challenge:
Project Finish: Look at the pile of stuff you've attempted to make and then gave up...or is that just me who starts a ton of projects, but hates finishing them? You've bought the materials and I'm guessing the project is over half done. So the challenge this week is to actually finish it. You can thank me later.

Love this challenge as I have many, many (too many according to my husband) unfinished projects scattered around the house. The embarrassing thing is that a lot of them only take minutes to finish.  Like this one I found tucked away in the took me all of 3 minutes to finish, pathetic I know!! 

                                     But, now it's finished and just in time for Valentine's Day!!!

I forgot to take an unfinished pic of this next project but once again it took only about 15mins to finish.  It was missing 4 corks...yes I said 4 but I also had to take corks off. Why you ask?  Well because I used gorilla glue for the first time to attach them when I couldn't find my hot glue gun and I may have been a tad over zealous with the glue because as we all know more glue is better, right? 

 Not so with gorilla glue, less is definitely more as it puffs up when it dries and my poor corks got pushed all out of place :(!  Ok, it may have been millimeters that they were pushed out of place but it was enough to displease my annal nature AND I could see the offending gorilla glue puffing up around the corks, not cool. So, corks came off, I cut off the offending gorilla glue and glued them back on with my beloved hot glue gun!!!

I got the idea off of Pinterest but switched it up a bit my alternating the direction of the corks instead of gluing them down all horizontily. Not sure where it will end up, maybe in my new craft corner to hang up

What project did you finish?

Next weeks challenge:

Lumber, sticks, wood: Make something out of a tree. Play with some stain. Go get some free pallets and finally make one of the hundred pallet projects you've pinned. Go to the forest and find some sticks...if the snow has melted...make something pretty.

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