Tuesday, June 12, 2012

hose...to wreath!

Last summer ANdy got a whole bunch of lawn stuff for like $50 bucks off craigslist. It included a terrible hose...it was leaky, kinked up and just not worth using. This spring when we were cleaning out the shed we found the hose again...Andy wanted to throw it out, but being the frugal girl I am, I kept it and made some wreaths out of it!
How you may ask?
I coiled the hose to the certain thickness I wanted for the wreath. I used about three coils per wreath. Then I used my trusty duct tape to make it stay in a circular form.

Then I was looking through the yarn and stuff I had and found the chain cowls I had made this past winter....which I never wore, but I thought the chain would look cool around the wreath. So I took them apart and used them to wind around the wreath form.
This is the wreath I made Nathania. I used some fabric and some push pins to make the rosettes at the bottom.
I did the same thing with the one on my front door. You can't really see the flowers, but they are tan and acually do stand out.
I made two other wreaths, but didn't get pictures...but thats pretty cool, being able to make 4 wreaths from one old hose!

So if you're looking for something to do with that old hose in your shed....make a wreath! Cause those wreath forms are way to expensive:)


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