Wednesday, June 6, 2012

pinterest challenge!!!

I love Pinterest and decided it was a time for a pinterest challenge, as in actually making one of my pins! I picked one from my recipe board - Make-ahead Oatmeal smoothies. They looked super yummy and great for something quick in the morning!  There are 6 recipes to choose from and so far I have made 3 of them. The Strawberry-banana, blueberry pomegranate and the Apricot one. I love that all of the ingredients except the chia seeds are things that I typically have in the house.  So far my favorite is the blueberry pomegranate and the strawberry banana is a close second. I tried substituting mango for the bananas but it was not as tasty, I will not be doing that again!  The apricot smoothie is tasty but not as smooth b/c I didn't get the apricots pureed enough so the texture to me is a little off putting so I'm drinking in small doses :).  I just can't throw it away, too much dutch in me!! 

I also like that these smoothies can be frozen for later!  You have to let them sit in the fridge for 4hrs prior to putting them in the freezer to let the chia seeds and oatmeal soften. I now have several stocked in my freezer and fridge!
Each recipe makes 2 cups and keeps for about 3 days.
Here's a shot of my strawberry banana, blueberry pomegranate and apricot smoothies!

Enjoy and tell me what you've recently completed off your pinterest boards


  1. You got me thinking about making this. At first thought it is kinda yucky sounding, but after I read the recipes, I am warming up to the idea. By the way, I love, love, the dryer ball. Did you make it? Thinking about making them for my three girls...

  2. I did make the dryer ball. Super easy and I love using them! Glad you like it

  3. I have done several things on pinterest it's such a great place for ideas ! If you look on my blog I just made Madison a cake for her birthday that I got off pinterest . It was simple which was good for me . :)


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