Wednesday, June 27, 2012

summer adventures

Hello Party People!!! Whats happening?
Well, lately I have been a terrible blogger....but with the weather we've had...who can blame me. I am officially tanner than I would have been if I lived in MI still. At least my arms, hands, face and a little bit of my legs...which for me is TAN!!
Wow, long tangent. Todays post is going to be more of a photo post of life lately.
Making food a rainbow is so much more fun to eat!

We got to hang out with these peeps for a week. Too bad the warm weather came the day they left, but it was still highly enjoyable!
(andy's siblings, Jordan and his wife Jodi, and his sister Emily)

Checking out the wildlife at the Conservation Center!

Lots O' babies there!

The lynx were out and about and beautiful!

and the tiger in the grass...oh wait thats Lucy!!!

We went camping at Eklutna lake...

this was our view:)

and came home to a beautiful rainbow! It was actually a double rainbowm but we couldn't pick it up with our camera!

How have you been enjoying your summer?



  1. Well, we are still waiting for summer to arrive, so I will let you know how it goes then! ;o)

    1. we're hoping it comes around the 9th of July...will you be at the BBQ at your in-laws?

  2. Haha Chris! I'm with you . Looking forward to seeing you guys how long are u guys here for?

    1. We come in the 9th late at night and I think leave early in the am on the 13th.


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