Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mary, Mary, quite contrary...

how does your garden grow?
Well....better and bigger than last year!
The first two pictures are of the front bed, which is filled with hostas...and an encroaching columbine. Oh and a huge bleeding heart. The hostas are not huge...but way bigger than last year and I know I need to add more plants, but I'm too cheap. What I really want to do is add peonies in behind the hostas in front of the window....anybody wanna give me some?

 This is the side garden. The blooming flowers are hardy geraniums and there are some iris...not blooming and a globe flower...which isn't blooming either. But I have an overgrown rhubarb that needs to be used....anybody have a favorite rhubarb recipe to send my way? I'll blog about it!!!!!!
This is the view of the finished patio that I forgot to include in a previous post..

These are my garden beds. They are doing really well this year! I have spinach coming up in random places ( I let it go to seed last year), radishes that have already been consumed. Flowering squash and kale that is doing really well!

This is the other side. I have some squash and lettuce...but mostly flowers. Last year I had planted some cosmos and delphiniums and they didn't do squat. This year they started coming up in nice little rows! I have to transplant them and think they would go nicely behind the hardy geraniums....what do you think?

How is your garden growing? What are you growing?

Happy gardening!

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  1. Our Garden didnt grow well at all last year. Or I should say aaron's . He is a really big gardener. Everything so far is growing awesome.


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