Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yard surgery

Spring has arrived and that means yard work!! This year we have finally decided to tackle a major project, our yard! We have a lovely backyard, good size, room for a garden but it also resembles a rollercoaster!!! If you are familiar with frost heaves it looks like we have been growing them. I tried to get a picture of it but they didn't turn out. We finally decided to work on the problem a few weeks ago. Storman cut the grass with a pick ax in several of the worst offenders and I got to pull it back...and so did Storman cuz I was slow but in my defense I did quite well with twiggy arms! :) We used dirt from an old garden bed to fill in the holes and then flipped the grass back on top.  It worked really well and even better no grass was harmed in the process!  Next go around I will pack the dirt down a little better as some sections were a little boggy.  Not sure when the project will be completed but I'm just happy it has begun!! In the meantime I have been working on my vegetable and flower garden!! 



  1. So interesting... have you tried raised beds? Down here they work for us, but I don't know about those kind of weather challenges.

  2. wow,I would never have thought of a problem like that! Like Helen said, raised beds are awesome, I would love to have some!


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