Friday, June 8, 2012

you're my favorite

Last Saturday night, Nathania and I hosted a "Favorite Things Exchange"
We got the idea from Joy over at you should go check her out...she's a pretty cool lady!
We began the evening with some good finger-lip-smacking food! Nathania and I didn't want to have the more traditional foods....veggie tray, fruit salad....not that there is anything wrong with those, but we wanted variety.

We came up with some good ideas...
SO yummy!

This is a shortbread, ricotta, chocolate, raspberry parfait....needed a little more sweetener, but super tasty. I got the recipe from watching me some Dr. Oz. It's apparently not super un-healthy...well minus the shortbread:)
These were a favorite. Nathania made them so I'm not sure what goes into them. They got a little crispy but were very yummy!
We also had Goat Cheese Grape Truffles, Watermelon/Mango/Lime fruit salad, stuffed mushrooms, sangria and a tasty punch. We liked all of our maybe we'll share them if interested!

Now onto the actual party. Everyone brought 5 of the same thing under $8. We went around and explained why the item we brought was our favorite. Then we drew 5 names from a bowl and those lucky ladies got to take the item home!
Fun right?
After everyone had been given their stuff, they had a number and we went around and were able to "steal" an item we didn't get but really wanted! There were also numbers given out so that each lady could pick out a goody tote.

I made these simple totes from fabric from my stash. The only thing I went and bought was the strap...the ladies got to pick a bag to take their swag back home in!
This is a picture of most of the stuff. I had to steal my pictures from Krista...I don't know where my camera was!

Nyree brought shea butter and a body polisher...I love the lotion! So great for dry hands!

This is a dutch treat that was part of my favorite thing. You put it on toast and it is DE-licious! I also gave a painting useful when painting, you don't really need to tape!

This was Krista's favorite thing. It's Maple, Cinnamon Almond yummy! You can check out her post on it here.


Nathania also brought a dutch treat. She brought packets of Nasi's an Indonesian rice dish. We had to get our mom to send us a box with our treats in it...cause you can't get them her in AK...THANKS MOM!!!!
Nathania also made lavender beeswax lotion.

Beth brought some homemade lemon bars and some fun nail polish! Andy ate half my lemon not cool!

Lisa brought a little goody bag with laundry soap, white chocolate, sticky notes and some lip balm.

There were two other ladies there, Alecia and Mallory...and I don't have a picture of their stuff! But Mallory brought some good lotion...we have some dry hands in these here parts! I don't remember what it was called...but will find out!
Alecia brought some coasters and modpodge so that you can decoupage the coasters with family pictures...thus having a coaster and picture all in one!

Overall the party was a huge success! We're planning another "themed" party....and it's gonna be a good one! What are some of your favorite things?


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