Friday, March 1, 2013

Make DO March 2013 Edition!

Have you missed us? It's been a busy month around here...not to mention two birthdays, lots of snow, the return of the sun and so much more!  But unfortunately we've been neglectful of this little blog. 

so...what are we gonna do?

Reprise MAKE DO MARCH!!!!!!

Excited? You should be!

What is Make Do March you ask?

It is a month in which we post projects of things we've made, everyday, using the things we have....we are not allowed to go to the store!


Because we--and I mean everyone reading this too!--have way too much stuff. We all have things we can use to be creative, and often don't need to buy anything else to make a really cool project!
True, some of us hoard fabric, scrapbook paper, yarn, paint....or all of the above. So this month allows us to truly use what we have already!


You! We want to encourage everyone who reads this to participate.
Do you...
...have a drawer of unfinished projects?
...have enough fabric to give Joann's a run for it's money?
...keep telling yourself that it'll get done this summer?
...want to check out what others are doing?
...have a husband that tells you that you're a hoarder?

Then this is the series for you!
(I officially sound like an infomercial)

Basic Rules:
1. Use what ya got! Don't go to the store to finish a project....this is to decrease the stash, not increase:)
2. You can beg, borrow, steal, ask you mother, sister, friend, brother, etc. for something if you absolutely need it. This is not an excuse to get them to go to the store for you.
3. Link up on Tuesdays...long enough to get a project done over the weekend and upload your pictures! This is not a must, but we would love to see what you're working on.
4. Have fun...if the project is a horrible fail...well we're okay with that's too short not to laugh!

Hope you'll join us!

Sarah and Nathania

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