Saturday, March 16, 2013

Make do march...50/50

I got invited to a baby shower last week and I got this idea stuck in my head that I wanted to make some fun onesies BUT I didn't have onesies. Hmm, dilema when one is currently in the throes of make do march! I decided that since I had all the other supplies to make them I could justify buying them and it was way easier than whipping up anything else. So this is a 50/50 make do march post :)!!

One set of bought five white onesies mixed with on hand ribbon, fabric, double stick fusible web and a free iron on design = cute onesies. I had a lot of fun deciding which designs to make and I love them all. I hope the new Momma loves them as well!!
Every little boy needs at least one fun tie and one for serious occassions!

A mustache...need I say more and well I just love bow ties!! 
And well cute baby booties need kissing too!!

Happy Make Doing!


  1. Can you make these to sell on your Etsy site? I would love a larger shirt for B (size 24 month) if you can do it!


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