Thursday, March 7, 2013

Make do do you measure up?

I love make do march because it forces me to get my act together and do projects that have been languishing in cobwebbed corners! And there are so many!!! I swear if there is no deadline my motivation to complete projects is's so pathetic!!

Yesterday I finally got a start on my DIY height ruler that I have been talking about making for ever! I made some progress a few weeks ago when I bought the board and well you can figure out what I didn't do :)! I used this great tutorial I found at 517 . It was super easy to follow, so far...I'm missing a few necessities like a paint pen but I'm thinking of alternatives! I bought a slightly narrower board, a 1x6x8 for $9, sanded it lightly and applied a nice cherry stain we had left over from staining our front door. One coat was dark enough for me and after letting it dry 6 hours I started drawing in my ruler was tedious but went fairly quickly while I watched one of my fave TV shows Bones.

I marked my ruler slightly different than 517 Creations. I made a 1.5 inch line for each inch mark, a 1 inch line for each half inch and a 2 inch line to mark off each foot. I used a square to help me keep my lines straight, made it super easy! I didn't have a paint pen so I decided to try a fine pt sharpie over my oil based stain and it adhered well without bleeding or rubbing off so I went to town with said sharpie over all my ruler lines....such fun. I will post more pics soon, hopefully before I flat line....ha ha 

Happy Make Doing!

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