Sunday, March 10, 2013

Make do March...sweatshirt fix up

You know what is frustrating?? Sleeves that shrink in the dryer and end up an inch too short!! It's the bane of us long armed girls!! Case in point, my brother sent me a sweatshirt with his work logo on it for Christmas and after washing it the first time I forgot to pull it out of the dryer, bah!!! Do you think it shrunk everywhere? Of course not!! Only the sleeves shrunk making it very irritating to wear! I'm constantly pulling the sleeves down and it drives me crazy!!
Today I decided to fix that and pulled out a ratty well loved grey sweatshirt to fix my sleeve problem. I cut my irritatingly short sleeved sweatshirts arms in two and used the grey sweatshirt to fill in gap. It turned out surprisingly well and I love how the grey ended up on the elbows. Almost like it was planned, not! I forgot to take pics of the sleeves before but here are my after shots.

Happy make doing!


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