Friday, March 8, 2013

Make Do March: Scrubby

Sorry I've been so bad about putting up posts. I know that most of you are in a different time zone than we are so this is even later...but a post late is better than a never post!
Today's post is a simple recycle project. I do mean simple. 
I don't like to throw things away...some may call it hoarding...I call it being frugal. 
I needed a scrubby to help me with the I made one...out of an avocado bag.
I took the paper portion off of my avocado bag...I got the bag of avocados at Costco...but you can use a potato bag as well.

I then cut the bag into about 1 inch strips. It wasn't exact! I tied the strips together to make one long strip. Not hard:)

Then I got my crochet hook out and used a simple chain stitch and circled it around. I then did a single stitch around the circle until I ran out of the avocado bag.

And voila! Its a little scrubby! Sorry for the crappy pictures, I took them at night...which is never good..but it's what I got!
It has a little bit of a stringy look, but it works!

Have you been make doing?


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