Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Make Do March...getting Granny done

Yay! I finished the granny square afghan. It is the most eclectic, random afghan ever...but to be honest...that's why I love it. Now the real question you?

I started this crazy-take-forever project in the beginning of February...with the intent to use it for Make Do March. I started with putting the squares together in long strips with the white. I had a huge skein of white yarn and thought I could do the whole thing with the white.
Yeah not so much.

So when I started doing the cross portions of the framing part I started from the middle with the white...knowing I wasn't going to have enough, but thought it would be nice to have in the center.
Then I grabbed a skein of the turquoise that I had and completed one side and part of the other.
But it wasn't enough.
Then entered the dark blue.

I edged it with the dark blue and green and called it good.
Its a super comfy lap blanket. Not big enough to cover my 5'11'' frame...but close:)
Considering I wasn't sure how to put them together when I started...I really like the end result!
I don't think I'll be doing any crochet projects in the near future. I think I've filled the years quota and then some.
Happy Make Doing!

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  1. Funny that you should say you have met your quota for the year on crocheting... I did a whole bunch of infinity scarves for my girls, granddaughters, daughter-in-laws... anyway, I feel the same way, enough! Check your blog from your end, the "live feed" widget sometimes (sometimes...) covers part of your post and you have to kinda guess what would go there. By the way, I like the way your afghan turned out. It is a usable finished product, not an art masterpiece that would auction off for thousands of dollars and not be used. I go for the useful rather than the thing that gets put on a shelf.


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