Monday, March 4, 2013

Make do March 3...Ballet shoes

My little girl is currently obsessed with all things ballet. She loves Angelina ballerina, wants to go to ballet class every day, will only wear "ballet" skirts and "ballet" shoes and even dances on her toes while twirling. It's the absolute cutest thing!! She is currently obsessed with some "ballet" shoes she inherited in a dress up box but they were well loved before being passed down and are falling apart and only one of each color survived!!! She wears them to bed, in the house, in her boots and has a fit when I have to wash them!!


I decided to make her a new pair with a pattern I had purchased months ago to make some baby slippers with. I had to adjust the pattern and let's just say it was a learning was my first time altering a pattern so I will spare you the awful first results...mostly cuz they are embarrassing to me :)! After some fiddling I ended up with a passable pair of new "ballet" slippers. But do you think Aria would wear them? No, broke my heart after all my hard work...2 yrs have no appreciation for the things their mothers do for them! :)  I used the material from a scrub top I made yrs ago. I never wore it because I didn't feel like wearing and looking like a tent!!! It was pink and my girl loves her some pink so it was a perfect choice! I used material from a pair of old suede pants as the bottoms so she wouldn't slip all over our wood floors.
She eventually broke down and put them on, only because the other pair was in the wash and now she won't take them off!! Woohoo, success!!

Now I just need to perfect my pattern and make her a prettier pair!

Happy Make Doing!

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