Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a good night

What do you do on a Tuesday evening, when the sun is shining and you have nothing to do? Hop in the car and go to the mountains of course! Andy and I headed out to Flattop area to check out the sunset last night at about 8:15....yup that's right the sun doesn't set until 9:15 round these parts. It's a nice change from the winter.

You could really see McKinley clearly last night. It was really big too.

So this is a sign that's roof is taller than 6'4" he's not very small so it shows you how much snow we still have! But I did notice some of my plants growing in the yard last night...rhubarb and chives for sure, and some other plant---not sure what it is. Either way the snow is melting and I think Spring may have arrived in Alaska.


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