Friday, April 20, 2012

shelf life

I've tride to continue to complete the's taken a while, but I think the more time I take the more I'll like it. Anywhoo, I was originally going to put simple shelves with brackets on this wall above the bathroom. My fantastical friend Krista said that she was going to use boxes instead of shelves in her bathroom. I immediately thought it would be great in my bathroom as well--imitate the boxes I painted on the walls already-- and she didn't mind me stealing her idea:)
So that same day I decided to make boxes out of some wood that we had gotten free on craigslist. It was really nice pine except for the screw marks. Wah wah wah...but is that going to stop this frugal girl? Nope...I got the caulk gun out and filled the holes right up. I let it dry and then caulked again, then sanded it down for a smoother look.  I then painted, let dry and painted again. For this impatient girl, the drying time was soooo not cool. But I did it. Patience is a virtue right?

So last night I decided to put the box up. It took some finagaling, and I think I may need to go to the hardward store tomorrow for a safer solution, my nails are holding, but I think a safer option is needed. But I so desperately wanted to get it up to see if I liked it. And guess what? I do!

What do you think? The picture hanging is one of Andy's favorites...I think it reminds him of where he grew up. He really likes the dark not so much, so there may be some negotiating/painting it white. I also would love to have some funky orange towels to go in the bathroom, but we have plenty of my green ones will have to suffice. I also have some dark blue...we'll see.

This is my poor box that didn't make it up. I originally was going to put two on top being smaller, but I just thought it was too much. I'm sure I'll find a use for it though:)

So I've been able to cross some things off the bathroom list...and I would say it's very near being least until I tackle the ugly flooring.

What are you working on?

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