Monday, April 9, 2012

Orange you gonna check it out?

So guess what? Anchorage officially broke the record for snow…yup we have had over 134.5 inches of snow this year. Slightly ridiculous no?

Well since Saturday we had snow…all day long…I got to work on the bathroom on our main floor.  The bathroom was white when we bought it. But the previous owners…who were hoarders, no joke….did a really crappy job, plus I’m not one for white paint. Now don’t get me wrong it has it’s place, but it is not what I wanted and it made the bathroom boring. Oh, I can’t forget the loverly mirror that was in there. It had a pretty shell motif. Ohh la la! NOT. So I took the mirror down…but that’s another post entirely.

Sorry for the messy before pictures...but it's all I got

So what color did I paint it? Orange. I really like the color orange….and the tile that is in the shower had an orangey pattern. I first painted it a more fleshy color that turned into looking like brain matter. Not cool. SO I added more orange and went with it. It’s a quite bright orange that you can't really tell in the pictures. But I likes it.

I also decided that a pattern was needed on a wall. I had grand plans of using a stencil and putting a pattern on similar to the tiles. This did not work…why? Because we have stupid-silly-on-every-wall texture. I’m not sure there is anybody in the whole state that doesn’t have textured walls. Boo Hiss is what I said to them. So I used painters tape to come up with the squares. This worked, but only to a degree…my lines aren’t super clean…the tape said something about edge lock. Yah not so much. It didn’t take those lovely textured walls into account. But I like the look well enough.

We still have quite a bit of work to do:
~Take toilet out and paint behind it, and possibly tile the floor…
~Put up some shelves…painted white
~Put up the mirror with a white frame
~Change out the lovely stage lights.

But for now it’s functional again. I will update again when there has been some progress.



  1. Wow! I was just reading your new post and there was a 'ring' at the doorbell... you know what was there! ! My package, I will be doing a post about all my goodies as soon as I get back to my blog and quick flitting around the internet... Thanks! I love it and I think the bathroom looks cool. It will make a big difference when you can't see the sun to go in and revel in the color. The walls look good to me.

  2. yay...glad you got it! I agree, a little sunshine in the middle of the winter will be great!

  3. Sorry........I actually like the orange wall without the pattern. but do like the colour.


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