Tuesday, April 24, 2012

new series...say what?!!

I do believe that different series of blogpost are pretty popular…if not, well here you go! I’ve decided to do a series called  Frugalista Fridays. I have about 2 months worth planned already, and I’m sure that Nathania will be able to add some Fantastical Frugalista Friday Lists (say that five times fast!)

So here are the topics I will be covering:

1.     Remodeling
2.     Redecorating
3.     Crafting
4.     Cooking
5.     Gardening
6.     Cleaning
7.     Recycling
8.     Random Tips

Now, I can imagine that a lot of these tips have been heard before…but maybe there is something you haven’t thought of…and well passing the knowledge on isn’t going to hurt!

Hope you’ll look forward to it…


  1. I thought you had been covering all those topics??
    btw am making stuffed mushrooms this weekend! yum!

  2. I'm going to continue to cover them...but these will be some cohesive lists!


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