Wednesday, April 11, 2012

lights up!

The other day I posted about the renovations I'm doing in one of our bathrooms. On my list of things to do was to replace the ugly stage lights that seem to be in every household in Anchorage. No joke...when the housing boom went through they used some classy items to put together a house!
This is our other bathroom but I forgot to take a picture of the stage lights in the renovating/orange bathroom. But they are EXACTLY the same. I personally dislike these silly lights a lot and I happened to find a nice new light set at Home Depot for $10 dollars. Yup that's right $ was a floor model but it looks brand new still!
My awesome brother-in-law...Nathania's husband offered to come and help me put the light up. He's super handy around the house and helped with my sink fiasco as well. It may have taken a trip to the store by Storman, but we got it up. I'm positive that the projects I've asked him to help with always end up taking longer...

What I discovered under the light was that the original color for my bathroom was orange. So it's come full circle.The color is just a bit lighter than mine!

I obviously still have to do some things in there but the light is crossed off my list. Here's what still needs to be done:
~Take toilet out and paint behind it, and possibly tile the floor…
~Put up some shelves…painted white
~Put up the mirror with a white frame
~Change out the lovely stage lights.
~ Touch up the paint
I love the way the new lights look...much better don't you think?


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