Monday, April 23, 2012

in the dark

As I've mentioned many times before, the light is coming back! But I'm not excited about it......yeah right, I totally am thrilled we have more daylight these days. It makes me happier and more productive! The light does pose a small problem for sleeping though. Especially for Andy. I made him a really squirrelly mask, but Lucy got it and had a little snack. So with the light returning, he needs a a mask, cause he can't sleep with the light, where I can sleep wherever and the light doesn't bother me.
First I made a pattern...I traced it on Andy's head so that I knew it would fit. I then cut it our of some scrap fabric that was already quilted. I thought this would be enough, but the light still came through the quilted fabric too much.

So I got out some black fabric from my stash and cut it out in the same shape but about an inch wider.

I then pinned it around the mask form. It's not super smooth on the edges, and I think if I make another one I'll use bias tape. I sewed around the edges and then cut out some elastic, measured Andy's head and then attached the elastic. The yellow part is on the inside so it's nice and soft!

I made Andy try it on for a picture...he was a willing participant:) He actually used it the same night I made it. This will also come in handy when I want to read...and he wants it dark!
Nothing perfect, but super functional and it didn't cost me a dime, cause I had everything already:)

What are you Make Doing?

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