Friday, April 27, 2012

Frugalista Friday: Remodeling

I am by no means a remodel expert. Far from it to be honest! But I have learned some really good frugal tips that really in the end will save a ton of aggravation as well.

1.    Write everything down that you’ll possible need from the store and get it in one trip.  
You think I joke? No, 6 plus trips to the hardware store is not thrifty, frugal, or cheap. If you want an example…check this out. Keep the receipt; return what you don’t need on your next trip to the store. It will save a lot of aggravation…and gas money

2.    Become friends with the people at Lowes. 
Well, not really unless you’re super friendly, but the people in the plumbing section…usually have way more information than you need. Same with flooring. They can explain a lot…oh and tell you what you need to get before you leave the store.

3.    Check/Ask for mistinted paint. 
Really. I have not bought full priced paint yet. My friend Krista got 7 gallons for $45 dollars and around here that would have cost her at least $130. In my experience, Home Depot is cheaper than Lowes on the mistints…just and fyi.

4.    Look for floor models. 
The lovely people at Lowes and Home Depot often change out their floor models, and sell them for uber cheap. This light I got at Home Depot is perfectly fine, in great condition and I got it for $10. I saw one in the box for $89, which is $79 in my pocket. CHA-CHING! I had to ask for a price, but if I didn’t I wouldn’t have the beautiful light.

5.    ReStore.
Check and see if your area has a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It’s a store that sells used home improvement goods for a lot less than the big stores. Plus the money goes to a good cause. I got this sink there for $10. It would have cost me at least $50 somewhere else.

6.    Borrow tools. 
We’re just starting out and don’t have a whole lot of tools, or a whole lot of money to spend on the tools…although Andy would really like to get some…so we borrow. We have some great neighbors who are willing to let us use tools, and Nathania and Storman have some they are willing to let use borrow as well. Just be a good steward and return them in a relatively timely mannerJ

7.    Ask if your friends/family know how to do something.  
We have the honor of having a brother-in-law who knows how to do a whole lot. Storman has saved us from calling the plumber and the electrician, which in turn saves us a ton of money. Friends and family usually are willing to be paid with food or beverage…ahem…

8.    Use what you have in the house already. 
If you have some paint left from a previous project, but you want a slightly different shade…add some white or another color. If you’re re-doing the bathroom and hate the frame around the mirror but the mirror is in good condition, keep the mirror. If you re-use the stuff you already have you haven’t spent any money for a new look!

9.    Craigslist. 
Really? Do I need to say more? The free section of craigslist often has some great materials for a remodel. Or check the other sections for items, like a new frame for a mirror!

10. Be patient. 
When I get and idea, want to get it done and have it done, NOW. But if you want the deals and you want the room you’re re-doing to look exactly how you envisioned it…you need to be patient. Check the stores frequently if you are passing them.  If a friend can help, but can’t do it for a week…deal with a half-done room. The room isn’t going anywhere…I promise!

That’s my Frugalista Friday list for you. If you have any other tips…please let me know!


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