Friday, March 2, 2012

Make Do March Day 2: Drainage

Remember I mentioned that I had a lovely plumbing story to relate? Here goes...

As you all may know by now, Andy and I bought a house last May...that needed some work, but was definitely livable. Our first project was the downstairs bathroom which you can see here. Well keeping in the theme of re-doing our bathrooms, I tackled replacing the sink in our main floor was gross!

I think it was the original sink from 1978....and they tried to cover up the chips with some paint....and it just looked awful! And it drove me nuts I might add, I've been talking about replacing that silly sink since we moved in.

Recently motivation has visited my house...meaning I got really really motivated to replace the sink! Andy claimed he wanted nothing to do with it, so I was on my own and bound and determined to replace the darn thing. So, Nathania and I went to RE-Store...Habitat for Humanity resells good used household items like cupboards, sinks, etcs....and we both found sinks to replace in our respective homes.

I went home that day determined I was going to replace the dumb sink right then and there. I was able to get the water turned off, and the old sink taken out, and I took the old faucet off, thinking I could reuse it, but I couldn't get the drain portion out. So I decided to go get a new one....and this is what happened:
1. Went to Lowes,
2.  Forgot my wallet
3.  Drove back home, got the wallet 
4.  Went back to  Lowes and I bought a new faucet and drain portion
5.  Went home to install it! 
6.  Realize that I needed something called plumbers putty. 
7.  Called Nathania....and complained and moaned and vented....gave up for the night.
8.  Shut the door and ignored it.

I was super frustrated at this point, but not ready to completely give up putting the silly thing in. So I went to bed and got some plumbers putty the next day. I was able to attach the drain to the sink, faucet to the sink and put the sink in place! WOOHOO....


The drain was now to close to the wall pipe and it didn't fit....I closed the door again....

The next day I went to Lowes again...trip number 4....and got a new trap, some advice, and a little hacksaw thing to cut PVC pipe. When I got home I decided I was going to attach the drain...and I DID IT!!!! I attached the cold water to the faucet, and was trying my best to attach the hot water...but it wouldn't I closed the door again.

The next day I went to the hardware store and got the right washers...and tried attaching them, and BROKE the tube from the shut off valve to the faucet...I closed the door

Totally defeated I called Nathania and asked if she knew a good plumber...I was giving up, throwing in the towel and was so bummed! Nathania asked her husband Storman if he knew how to fix it...and he did! He said if I got the right pieces he would replace it for off to Lowes I went!  He was able to replaces the pieces...I fed him his favorite dinner....and now I know how to do it:)

Here's the finished product:

I think it looks 849,903,004 better than the old one! Yay! What do you think? It only took 6 trips to the store, hours of aggravation, a knowledgeable brother in law....but it's super satisfying that I was able to accomplish as much as I did!

Moral of the story: 
1. Get EVERYTHING you could possibly need the first trip to the store...keep the receipt and return what you don't need (Moms give such good advice...)
2. Don't get defeated if it doesn't work the first time.
3. Call your friends...they may know how, or know someone who does
4. The people at Lowes will become your friends if you don't follow #1

Now, before I get in trouble about not following my rules( I know...6 trips is RIDICULOUS)...I'm including this story based on the fact that I was really trying to "make do" and fulfill a project I wanted done, with my own hands...and not call a plumber....

So...super long winded post...sorry....hope you found it humorous:)

So what are you MAKE DOING?



  1. Ava and I think you did a wonderful job. the new sink looks beautiful!

  2. Today I finally hung a bunch of family photos that we had done last October!!! I am thinking I need to add a little something to the wall yet, although I don't know what...

    1. Good for you! Can't wait to see it on your blog!


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