Friday, March 16, 2012

Make Do March Day 16: all hung up

If you haven't guessd by now...I love me som Value Village...thrifting is such fun!
Anyways, I got this old-school coat rack at value village for a buck. It was  little worse for wear and so it needed some updating.

It got a spray paint lift. I had found this lovely plum color at Home Depot for a buck...cause it was a color they no longer had in stock. Win for me...
I used multiple thing coats to get the all around purpley goodness.

It's being hung up in the craft room for now, but it may become an addition to my bathroom that I'm re-finishing. we'll see! Either way, walking away with a fantastic purple coat rack for 2 bucks is A-OK with me.

What are you Make Doing?


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