Sunday, March 18, 2012

Make Do March day 18: can never have too many

In my humble opinion, you can never have too many dishcloths...however they are way too expensive! Who wants to spend $2.50 or more on a cloth you're going to get dirty? Never made sense to me.

Last summer I was at a garage sale where they were selling yarn and lots of it. They had these skeins of cotton yarn for .50 a piece. Around here you're not going to find that yarn on sale at Joann's or Micheal's without spending at least $2.00. So I got a may have been overkill, but such is life:)

Well I've been making dishcloths out of them! I've found that the tighter the crochet stitch the better. Easier for scrubbing! I can get two dishcloths out of one skein of yarn...which equals only $.25 per dishcloth...much more affordable.

They aren't anything special, but they get the job done! I've been meaning to make more, but didn't get to it until recently!

They are also great wedding shower gifts! Combine some of these with a bottle of dish soap--because really it's usually something the bride and groom will have to buy later!

Hope you're having fun Making Do!



  1. Along with TWO pairs of dish gloves, so they can BOTH wash dishes! ;o)


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