Saturday, March 24, 2012

Make Do March Day 24: vintage sickling

Hola mis amigos! Remember a while back I said I forgot to finish quilt cause I fell asleep? That it was pinned sitting on my couch? Well here's a sneak peak...cause it's still sitting on my couch, with bias tape pinned on.

This quilt top has been around for years! I'm pretty sure I made it when I was in high school. Which if it wasn't my senior year, was over 10 years ago. Yikes!!

It's made out of really neat vintage material that we got in a box from an estate sale. Oh how I love estate sales...they don't have them very much up! But I digress. The box had all kinds of fabric in it and we paid like 10 buck for the whole thing. If I remember correctly these squares were already cut out.
I love the vintage fabrics. They are so cheerful!

The fun part is that there was enough of the white and blue flowers to make the binding it's just a matter of time to sew it on!

I quilted it just on either side of the ditch. It's the first time I've done that I think and I really like how the quilting on the back turned out. I used some batting and flannel that I already had in my stash. It will be a super soft edition to some little girls life.

Now onto the reason that I'm only posting a sneak peak and not a finished project. Nathania is sick....flu virus sick. I will be avoiding her household for a little bit! I don't wanna get it! But she was supposed to post for today...but is understandably not up for the task. Prayers for healing would be appreciated!

I'll post the finished project sometime this next week. In the meantime I hope you're having fun Make Doing!

psst....the giveaway is still open until tomorrow night! Sign up!

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