Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make Do March Day 7...the bug has bitten

the organization bug that is...and if you know anything about me you know that organization rarely works its way into my world,(really...ask anyone and I mean anyone who knows me...) so I ran with it. And in the spirit of Make Do March...these were all things that I had planned to do..oh weeks ago. So I'm crossing them off the list.
Lets begin with my linen closet....oh my I can't believe I'm putting this out on the Internet...but here is my linen closet in the state it was was basically a catch all for anything and everything. Not good. It also wasn't organized very functionally. It had been on my mind for several weeks to get some bins...which I did, can you see them sitting in the closet? They have green lids, on the left...they've been living there for awhile now...oops!

I finally used them! I was able to organize the closet, make it more user friendly and just have a piece of mind that it's organized!
 The next organization project that I took on was that of my I LOVE buttons. I would say it's near an obsession for me. We have this lovely thrift store that if they can't use the donated clothes, the cut the buttons off and sell them...for a $1 a bag. I've been cut off and told that I'm no longer allowed to buy buttons. Yeah right...who am I kidding? I look for them EVERY time I'm there:) But I digress, I had been storing all of these buttons in two organizers...but one broke and it wasn't as functional as I would have liked, and they were prone to spilling. So when I saw these at the thrift store I couldn't resist....but that was about 3 weeks ago...and they were taking up space on my living room floor.
I was able to organize them by color...don't they look great? And the best part is that there is sooo much more room for MORE BUTTONS!!!!

The third thing that I got my organization on with were my cookbooks...they were hanging around in my cupboard above my stove...the place my mom always kept them...logical right? Well, I have a nice vent going through my so they didn't fit very well, and I could never fit them in there the right I just ordered two more cookbooks...where were they going to fit:)?
 I have this lovely plant stand/bookshelf that I've been dumping extra stuff on...that was perfect for my cookbooks. It even fits my magazines that I like to keep with good recipes. With the cookbooks there, I get more space in my cupboards, no place to dump stuff that doesn't go there and more room for more cookbooks! Win, Win, Win,!
So have I over shared on a completely random topic?'s what I do. Also...I'm not done!

I've really decided to overhaul our saw the first one completed and the sink installed in the next one. Well I'm trying to find a good color for the upstairs bathroom....I ended up mixing some paints to get this color:
It's kinda my question is....
Is it too peachy? I'm wondering if I need to make it more orange...which is what I'm leaning too. As you can see I have a lovely tile to work I'm trying to work around it.
I would love a vote from you all! Leave a comment and let me know what I should do!

Happy Organizing

psst....our Linky is still open! Link up anything that goes along with Make Do March...doesn't have to be from today!

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  1. Impressive!!
    I am inspired!
    As for the color...for me it would have to go more to a terra cotta- a deep orangy brown.


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