Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make Do March Day 15 Sleep on it

Aren't these little girls cute!  They've been hanging around with no purpose in my crafting room so I decided to put them to use. I decided to make Aria another sleepsack as I'm always running out of clean ones.  It will be a heavier sleepsack but as it's still winter here in Alaska it will be perfect!

It ended up being a joint project with Sarah as she did most of the sewing after I had cut it out.  She's on spring break and came over to hang out with Aria and I.  The zipper was recycled from a jacket  I had just throw away. Sarah did an awesome job on the zipper (it was her first one) and while she was sewing I got to work on finishing my quilt! 

It turned out super cute and fit Aria perfectly!

What have you been working on?
Sarah and Nathania

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  1. Love this! I need a couple summer ones for Bailey. This is a great idea!!!

    Teresa Burchwell

    1. Teresa!
      They are pretty easy to make. Nathania made one out of a receiving blanket for the was nice and light. Hope things are going well with you!

  2. You blankets are cute... My godson's wife just had their baby and he was 6 weeks early. I think I will make one of these.

  3. That turned out really cute! Love it!

  4. That is awesome, what about their little arms? Just grandma wondering?...

    1. Nathania usually puts a long sleeve onsie on Aria to cover her arms!


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