Friday, March 30, 2012

Make Do March Day 30...Baby quilt and more

ARGGGGGGGG!!!! I want to cry, stupid blogger just deleted my post as I was updating it....sigh. Dumb machine!  So can't remember what I wrote in my sleep deprived state last night (late nights plus early morning wake ups courtesy of my daughter, isn't she sweet) so here it goes, again.
   I can't believe it's almost April! I would give anything to see some daffodils or just plain grass instead of all the white stuff but I am thankful that it's getting warmer (40 degrees=spring jacket!!!) and that I don't have to stress about what I have to post every other day, ha ha!  :) It was a great incentive to get things done but it was hard to get as much done as I wanted. One thing I am proud I finished was my baby quilt. I was neglecting it a tiny bit because the binding intimidated me but many hours later and several sore finger tips here it is

I love how it turned out, especially the strip on the back!

Now the reason I was updating was to add a little project that wasn't quite done. I got to finish it this morning because miss crabby pants Aria needed a morning nap after waking up at 530am :(.  I was not amused and should be napping with her but am happy to show off my finished project.

Isn't it cute?  Aria has been "helping" me in the kitchen so I thought it would be fun to make her an apron just like mom has. I'll post of pic of her in it when she wakes up.

Happy sewing


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