Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Make Do March Day 14: striped door

We have a very large's a big room, kinda like a rec room. However, it has become the dumping ground of the house....just because:) We've decided to make it into more of a guest room, with the possibility of renting it out, or just having lots of friends come and visit! (That's a hint to my friends to come visit)
The problem, however, is that it didn't have a door. And really we weren't sure we wanted to have a complete door....framing and all, so I came up with this loverly curtain door.
I had the stripes in my stash for a while. I had found it at Value Village a while back and there it sat. It's a nice heavy cotton/canvasy type fabric. The only problem was that it was not in any respects long enough. Wah wah wah....
But that in no way stops me. I had this other pink canvasy/cotton fabric in my stash that I used. Now, it doesn't actually match the stripes. There is no pink, but can you tell? I think not:)

I put it up on a curtain rod that I found brand new in the packaging for $5 bucks at Value we have a door for roughly $7, and I used stuff in my stash. That's a killer deal in my opinion:)

 It's already day 14...almost halfway through March...and my list is dwindling and I'm crossing stuff off my list. How about you?
(this by the way is only one of my lists!)

Happy Make Doing!


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