Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Make Do March Day 21: Photo Bomb and a Bias

What do you think of the new look? Yay or Nay? Let us know!

Last week was my spring break, and whilst many of my colleagues went to the Hawaiian Islands....I went north. Yup you heard it right. I went to Fairbanks for the first time. We went with our friend Krista. Her parents live there. Its about an 6 hour drive from here. The world Ice Carving Championship was going on, so we thought it would fun to go there.
The following are some pictures from our trip.

Whale breaching, made from ICE!

Me and Andy on an ice couch

In between our viewing of the ice sculptures we went to the Silver Gulch...a brewery north of a little town of Fox. We tried a Scotch was tasty. It reminded me of croquettes. Super tasty.

We returned to the ice sculptures at night. They were super cool all lit up.

This is a porcupine. Made entirely out of ice. CRAZY!

This is the whole display. They won. It was awesome.

We also saw the northern lights for the first time...well at least the first time I had seen them. It wasn't a spectacular show, but it was still really cool. They even danced a little bit.

Now...onto the bias tape. Well its more a faux bias. I didn't actually cut my fabric on the bias but I wanted to show you how my new machine works.
I received a simplicity bias tape maker for Christmas, but had yet to try it out.

 I cut some daisy fabric I had into 2 inch strips and sewed them all together.

See? One big long strip, 2 inches wide.

I then wound the strip onto a bobbin of sorts, and then fed it through the metal creaser thing.

It's all set up. All I had to do now was push a button.

And VOILA! Bias tape came out the other end!

Would you look at that? Perfectly ironed! Guess how long it took?
About 10 minutes start to finish. burnt fingers. WOO HOO!

I may throw it into the giveaway so go sign up!!!

How are you Make Doing?


  1. I like the new look!
    I also want one of those bias tape machines!! That is so cool!

  2. The winning ice sculpture is AMAZING!!!!!

    1. isn't it? It's crazy to think it's all ice!

  3. I think you sold me on the machine! Can you do all different sizes of bias tape?

  4. yup. you just need to get different metal creaser comes with a 1 inch bias tape creaser thing.

  5. I need to learn to make bias tape. Would save me alot of money and I would have exactly what I want. Love your blog.

    1. Actual bias tape is pretty easy to make...I may do a tutorial, if you're interested. Otherwise I know there are a lot of good ones out there.


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