Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Make Do March Day 6..Fleece repurposing

So every once in awhile my husband calls me a hoarder which I deny vehemently! Just because I hold on to clothes, like these fleeces, that may be 10+ yrs does not make me a hoarder :-).  One never knows when a visiting friend or family member might need an extra coat, right?!  However when my sis and I were talking about doing Make do March I decided they had been in the closet long enough and was going to turn them into fleeces for my daughter Aria. I found an old pattern at Value Village for 39cents and went to work.
Originally I was just going to use the fabric and make one with a hood and pocket but after thinking about it I decided to keep the necks intact and go from there. I cut the sides open and fitted the pattern to the neck and cut it down to size. I did the same with the sleeves and then I just had to sew them back together.  I finished them off with elastic in the cuffs and waist.

My model doesn't like to stay still so I take what I can get!  I made the dark purple one first as a size 4 as some of her 3T sweatshirts fit perfectly at this time but when I tried it on her it was huge!!! :) So I made the next one a size 2 and while it was still a little big it fit much better. 

I love how they turned out, don't you?


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  1. Those look great! Love the model too:)


  2. What a darling child. (the fleece is nice too)


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