Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Make Do March Day 27: somebody loves you

My best friend Chelsea is having her first baby in about a week!  I really wish I could be there when the little one is born...but she'll have to deal with getting lots of packages in the mail....shucks:) I decided to make a onesie that had a special phrase on it...I've had the onesie for months...but haven't done it.  So it was time.

I found an outline of Alaska at school and made a reverse photo copy of it...then I put the letters on and copied it again.

I cut the transfer to be smaller....so it was easier to work with, and then used the CitraSolv to transfer the image.


it didn't work...it look terrible! I frantically tried to get the transfer off the onsie....I actually used CitraSolv to get the transfer off. It worked but you could still see some of the stuff on the onsie. I thought I ruined it.


I figured out how to cover it up!
I used the same photo copy and transferred it onto...da da da da!!! Fusible webbing!

I then took one side off, and put it on a pink fabric.

Ta-da! A unique and lovingly made onsie for the little one in Minnesota!
I also put a little heart on the butt....so cute!

What do you think? I hope she likes it, and I hope the little one knows she is very loved by her "Auntie" in Alaska!

Now...I told you about a steak marinade on Sunday. It was TASTY! I don't really like steak. But I liked this. IT was really good. We're keeping it  and will use it again!

Hope you're having fun Making Do!


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